Thursday, December 08, 2005

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Kim Yong Nam Receives Credentials from Canadian Ambassador
Pyongyang, December 7, 2005 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, received "credentials" from Canadian Ambassador to Seoul the DPRK and South Korea Marius Grinius at the Mansudae Assembly Hall(seen below) on Dec. 7. On hand were Kim Hyong Jun, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and staff members of the Canadian embassy. American delegates were expelled from the Assembly Hall that day, due to the U.S stance on Kyoto and softwood lumber...

After receiving credentials Kim Yong Nam had a conversation with the ambassador.
The conversation DID NOT involve the United States of America.

Why oh fucking WHY, is the current Liberal Government of Canada soooo intent on legitimizing Kim Jong Il's rule?????

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pipe Dreams

North Korea dreams of oil-funded security
December 6, 2005
Emma Graham-Harrison

BEIJING: Its capital Pyongyang lies nearly dark at night for lack of power, but North Korea could be sitting on enough oil to revive its moribund economy and fuel Chinese-style reforms, analysts and geologists say.
The only event that will ever "revive" North Korea's "moribund economy" is the destruction of the D.P.R.K...

Years of isolation, which have earned it the nickname the "Hermit Kingdom", mean most of its potentially oil-bearing areas are virtually unexplored. And where crude has been found almost no attempts have been made at commercial recovery.
As North Korea is an ass-backwards country.

Estimates of how much lies pooled below its soil and seas range from nothing at all to more than the reserves of some members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec). Geez. Broad enough?

With Pyongyang feuding with Washington over its nuclear weapons programmes, decades behind the rest of the world in oil exploitation technology, and barely able to feed its population, chances of firming the figures or extracting any oil seem slim.
The fact that North Koreans do not live in a free society, as I do, and thus do not have opportunity to do what I do... Is an evil beyond dimensions.

New Assignment

The Seoul Times December 8, 2005
Mr. Alexander Vershbow, the current US Ambassador to Moscow, has been designated as the new US Ambassador to Seoul. Mr. Vershbow is known as an expert on security affairs in Russia and Europe area.

Jung-Ahn Kim December 8, 2005
U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow slammed North Korea as a criminal regime yesterday, saying, “The financial sanctions against the North are not an issue capable of being resolved with political gestures.”

I don't see any of North Korea's "issues" as, "capable of being resolved with political gestures".
Mr. Vershbow's agenda should be nothing more that scorn upon the South Korean people for allowing the D.P.R.K to exist. Just my opinion.


From my new "favorite" blog,
Picture from a DPRK kindergarden

These children will grow strong and progressive and full of the humanity of the Juche Ideal that is the cornerstone of world progressive thought as world children know what is evil.
Eh! North Korean kids blog now, "apparently"...
And what has the mental retard Bush done for the children of Mexico?
I apologize to readers for subjecting them to such inane stupidity.
I am also sorry for subjecting you all to pure evil...

Monday, December 05, 2005

MoonBat Rant

A comment regarding the post below...

Anonymous*snicker* said...
"THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!!! YET ANOTHER IILEGAL WAR STARTED BY THE MURDER BUSH!!!" Yes. War seems to be the only rational and effective solution to Kim Jong Il's rule. It was the same with Saddam.
"YOU TRULY ARE INSANE!! THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN LIVES LOST IN IRAQ, I think Americans are beyond brave; George Walker Bush in particular. Those 2000+ honorable men sacrificed their lives so that 3000+(or way more) people won't be killed AGAIN in another terrorist attack.
The liberation of millions of people is beyond value, even the value of human life. I hope the left comes to realize this fact.
Are you even FUCKING AWARE that one hundred thousand people, brutally tortured(REAL torture...) and killed, is practically an improved mortality rate over Saddam's rule??? Shit! The guy wiped out at least 100 thousand after the first Gulf War. Saddam would still be killing many more innocent people today. It's the same with Kim Jong Il...
I wouldn't call it "unprovoked"... I would term it "provoked by the policies of the most evil government in the world"...
"THIS IS WHAT YOUR SO CALLED EXPERT OPINION HAS CONCLUDED, THAT THE WORLD NEEDS ANOTHER UNPROVOKED ACT OF AGGRESSION BY THE BUSH / HOUSE OF SAUD FAMILY." Yes. The "Democratic" People's" "Republic" of Korea must be annihilated at any cost, or 25 million North Koreans will be doomed to live in tyrannic horror for yet another GENERATION! It would be great if the House of Saud pitched in, as with Canada, and even the U.N. Then I'll wake up from such a beautiful dream...

"YOU ARE SICK. 2008 THE WORLD NEEDS A DEMOCRAT IN THE THE WHITE HOUSE TO PUT AN END TO THIS CORRUPT BUSH REGIME." Nothing but January 2009 will EVER end "Bush's corrupt regime". How may fucking times do I have to tell you that? Hehehe, it a Good thing you are American then, as Canadian Liberal ideology is about to be put out of is pathetic misery, replaced by a new and Righteous Conservative government; i.e One that might GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF NORTH KOREANS!

A comment from cymru, a Pyongyang visitor, regarding the satellite image:

"oh, and i can testify from experience that almost every light is switched off at night."
Then you should be able to "testify from experience" that a trip to the D.P.R.K is an EXTREMELY regulated one...
"yes, i can." O.K then... Don't try and elaborate or anything.

But they can't fake the fact the lights are off in the night.
???? uhhhhh... O.K... I guess. Uhhhhh... What???

Is this just more of the D.P.R.K's systematic oppression(rhetorical question, really)?

i find this hilarious. Well, that's seems about Right, seeing as how you sure as fuck don't find my blog funny... you think they don't have any electricity because they want to "oppress" their people?! No. I know that North Korea has 7% of South Korea's electricity because they are ruled by a shitty communist dictatorship. you must be joking! The image tells the same story, is it "joking"?
and i know that bad government contributes to it, and I know the sky is fucking BLUE. Do you have a point here?
but the right wingers like to hound north korea at EVERY opportunity, Not even anywhere NEAR as bas as the K.C.N.A "hounds" the U.S. You know this, you read The Ashes of Tyranny.
blaming everything on kim jong il wanting to oppress his people. Like the way Kim Jong Il is"blaming everything" on the U.S. Not just a few things, EVERY FUCKING THING!!! Oh, and try reading the K.C.N.A reports. If it ain't anti U.S, it's anti-Japan, or sometimes anti-South Korea. It is also pro Kim Jong Il ONLY, to the most insane degree ever seen by mankind.

cmryu seems to know exactly why I am wrong, but he has not a fucking clue as to why he is so "Right". Why is North Korea the only country on the planet that has "almost every light" "switched off at night" cmryu??? A better question... what is the point of having LIGHTS(!!!!), if they can not be used AT NIGHT!?!?!?!? it's not as simple as that! O.k. Simple question then... What IS to blame for the plight of North Korea, brainwave?