Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mail Bag!

Letter to Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, October 11, 2005 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il received a letter from former unconverted long-term prisoners Monday. The foundation of the Workers' Party of Korea by President Kim Il Sung on the basis of the anti-Japanese revolutionary traditions was a revolutionary auspicious event that gave an origin to building a socialist ruling party of Juche type and a historic event which provided a powerful engine of the Juche cause To bad all of that, didn't provide an ACTUAL powerful engine as it dynamically pushed forward the Korean revolution under the ever-victorious banner, the letter said, and went on apparently: The WPK which was founded and strengthened by Kim Il Sung has firmly preserved its intrinsic nature as his party and more powerfully demonstrated its militancy and might as a guide and organizer of the Juche revolution thanks to Kim Jong Il. Over the last 40 odd years since he has led the Party work, Kim Jong Il has regarded it as his lifelong mission to strengthen the Party into the party of Kim Il Sung and resolutely defended and comprehensively carried forward and developed Kim Il Sung's Juche-oriented idea of party building and feats with his outstanding idea and leadership. The letter stressed that the greater they enjoy honor and happiness, the more deeply they will cherish the awareness that they are the members of the WPK totally dedicated to Kim Jong Il, Is that an exact quote? the destiny of the country and the nation, THAT'S for sure and devote their lives to him, in the future, too, as they have invariably made the long journey of revolution under the leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
"Journey of revulsion" would be a better way of describing it...


Chosun Ilbo Oct.11,2005
As a senior U.S. State Department official working at the forefront of East Asian affairs, it seems Kathleen Stephens is in Korea not least to cool down overheated speculation about a rift between Seoul and Washington. Stephens is keen to smooth South Korean feathers ruffled by reports that Hill told a closed-door seminar Seoul had been not much help in the last round of the talks. She emphasizes instead that Hill has been saying both publicly and privately that South Korea has played a positive and important role in the development. A successful outcome of the talks, she stresses, hinges on close cooperation between the U.S. and South Korea.

Sounds like Mr. Hill is not taking any bullshit, and no country likes it. Very Good. South Korea must take some of the blame for the plight of North Koreans, as with China.

In an interview with the Chosun Ilbo, Stephens also said Hill has no immediate plans to visit the Stalinist country but is instead talking with all other parties, including with North Korea through its UN mission in New York. Excerpts follow...

I seriously doubt Mrs. Stephens will take the easy way out of this diplomatic mission(i.e the "Madeleine Albright" way).

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kim Jong Chol

Credit to EastAsiaIntel
Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said no picture exists. Any information regarding him seems second hand, at best. It seems to me the North Korean leadership has been grooming him as the leader, while playing up Kim Jong Nam. The shroud of secrecy they have surrounded this guy with, seems to have paid off. Kinda pointless taking out the leader, when some kid hidden by his government, would take over(with unknown consequences).

It's not "official" yet, but it has to be a plan that was years in the making, as the timing is not a coincidence.

This is the best one I have read to date...

The Australian. October 10, 2005
TOKYO: A defiant affirmation of North Korea's dynastic dictatorship is to unfold after days of parades through Pyongyang to celebrate its confrontation with the US and cement the power of hardliners set on keeping their nuclear weapons. Reports in Moscow and Tokyo suggest that the nation's leader Kim Jong-il, is preparing to anoint his second son, Kim Jong-chol, 24, as heir to the clan that has ruled North Korea since 1948...Read the rest