Friday, December 02, 2005

Behold... The Truth.

KCNA Blasts U.S. "Trojan Horse" Operation to Destabilize DPRK

Pyongyang, December 1, 2005 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Department of State in its recent annual report on the implementation of "the North Korean Human Rights Act" presented to Congress called for taking measures in the direction of helping "north Koreans have an easier and more convenient access to information from outside and seeking realistic and effective ways such as the expansion of the network of free broadcasting for north Korea, in particular, and influx of transistor radios and the manufacture and provision of video tapes".
Fuck yeaaaa! No more avoiding the issue of North Korean freedom. It is time to confront it head on(example: Iraq).
This indicates that the U.S. offensive against the DPRK over what it called "human rights", "freedom" and "democratization" has entered a full-fledged phase. Hahaha! No, Iraq is in a "full-fledged phase", North Korea is just getting warmed up. The influx of "information from outside" touted by the U.S. hard-line conservative forces means the spread of bourgeois way of living and the U.S-style view on value through decadent literary and art works and different kinds of publications. " "Decadent literary and art works" in North Korea, are illegal. As are "different KINDS of publications". "Information from outside" is punishible by death, for fucksake. How could life for these people be worse? How SHOULD one interpret and respond to this???My simple opinion is that America is more than just in killing every last one of Kim Jong Il's million-man army, if that's what it takes...By smuggling transistor radios, undesirable publications and video tapes into the DPRK the U.S. seeks to disseminate reactionary and poisonous free ideas among people in a bid to destabilize an oppressed society and bring down the evil socialist state system. This operation is an extension of the on-going U.S. "Human rights" campaign. The U.S. is now replacing in secrecy its anti-DPRK offensive strategy backed by force by a strategy for destabilizing it as evidenced by its escalated "human rights" offensive and the strengthening of the "Voice of Free Asia"(VFA). This broadcasting service is one of the important media for the U.S. psychological operation toward Asia. The VFA is taking one step after another to meet the U.S. strategic interests and attain its target to invade and dominate Asia. Under the supervision of CIA the VFA is busy advertising American-style "freedom and democracy" and "advantages" Nothin' else like em!!! of its corrupt mentality and culture and morality among Asian countries. Most of its programs is devoted to the reactionary propaganda aimed at interfering in the internal affairs of Asian countries and creating an atmosphere of actions against their governments. The U.S. broadcasting programs and publications for the Arab world have been devoted to the political leaders in the upper crust of the Islamic countries for the last several decades. But now they are devoted mainly to the young people aged 30 and below who account for 65 percent of the Arab population in the Mideast, like Al-Jazerra. The U.S. intention is to train pro-U.S. elements under a long-term plan in a bid to realize a "peaceful regime change" in those countries that fall out of its favor. The DPRK is made the main target of the VFA. And the free world. Broadcasting in Korean holds a big proportion in the VFA program. The U.S. loudmouthed influx of "information" into the DPRK from outside is nothing but a "Trojan horse" operation to destabilize it.
The U.S. is, however, seriously mistaken because it will never work on the DPRK whose people are strong in idea and faith, just not in liberty. The U.S. escalated ideological and cultural (freedom)poisoning would only heighten the revolutionary oppression vigilance of the servicepersons and people in the DPRK against it.

This policy is essential in giving North Korean citizens a better picture of what is happening outside their borders. If the Americans can't provide simple communication for North Koreans, what can anyone do?

The effort to destabilize the D.P.R.K MUST be intensified...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

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