Saturday, August 20, 2005

CNN's insignificance

China, North Korea's ally in the talks, said through a Foreign Ministry spokesman that it hopes six-party talks will continue, according to China's state-run Xinhua news agency. "China was watching the situation," said spokesman Kong Quan, who added that China persistently stands for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the maintenance of peace and stability there. "We hope the talks can be continue," Kong said

Talk about pointless banter, in the heart of an important story, eh?

"Despite the firmness of the statement by the North Korean Foreign Ministry," Yakovenko said, "Russia still hopes for the soonest possible resumption of the six-nation negotiations and compromises in settling problems with due consideration of the interests of all sides."
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said North Korea could be brought back to the negotiating table.

And to finish the "piece"...
Bush tones down 'axis of evil' rhetoric
Yes, listen to the "fiery" rhetoric of George W. Bush in comparison to the sanity of the K.C.N.A:
"In his inauguration speech, Bush trumpeted that 'fire of freedom will reach dark corners of the world.' This is nothing but a plot to engulf the whole world in a sea of war flames and rule it by imposing a freedom based on power," North Korea's state-run Pyongyang Radio said this month."

Here is a decent example of how the left can give it's side of the story, without trumping the importance of China, Russia and the U.N, OVER the role America MUST play, keeping Korea from falling even deeper under the control of a nuclear ambitious tyrant.

Sadly, it speaks for itself...

Kim... considering you are the one that made this video(click on the "here" link) , from the way YOU tell it:

Your country has three airplanes
Your country has bad pop-music technical abillity.
Your country has one bus.
Your country has no traffic.
Your country has people protesting freely(?).
Your country has boring waterslides.
Your country SHOULD have better fireworks.
Your country has massive "games".

I guess I can say one could get a "near" accurate portrayal of Kim Jong Il's regime... from Kim Jong Il himself.

What's up with the dude protesting anyway?

A Must Read

If you only have the time to read one link on this blog... make it this one.

I attended a mass game display in Pyongyang in 1989, and the sensation a Westerner feels is not artistic appreciation but totalitarian horror.

One card montage performed for Albright showed a North Korean missile being launched into the sky. It was an odd display for Americans who were negotiating a cessation of missile production and research. But Kim, ever the showman, turned to Albright on his right and said, ''That was our first missile launch and our last.'' To make sure his message got through, he turned to Sherman on his left and repeated his statement. The meaning was clear: the missile program can be stopped if you offer us a new relationship.

I've heard that over 100 MILLION man-hours can be spent on ONE mass-game. Still not disturbed?

Hwang's synopsis of Kim's dictatorship reminded me of a passage from his memoir. He wrote about a 1992 banquet that Kim presided over in Pyongyang; a dance troupe provided lavishly choreographed entertainment. The performance ''was enough to elicit disgust when seen through the eyes of people with healthy minds,'' Hwang wrote, recalling that he nonetheless applauded vigorously for the entertainers. A professor who was next to him was flummoxed. ''Are you clapping because you really enjoy the performance?'' the professor asked. ''It doesn't matter,'' Hwang replied. ''Just clap like mad. It's an order.''

Would using the term "worse than Stalin", be too harsh?

The Dear Leader understands, as smart tyrants do, that perpetual clapping is generated by terror.

What cho talkin 'bout "Walker"?!?!

Hey Kimmy, you can't expect an intelligence that has watched you declare yourself a nuclear power, put up fake bravado STAGING a nuclear test... to care when you say you were LYING...
-----------------------------------------Image is actual size------------------------------------

Bad Equation = 3

August 17 2005, August 18 2005, and NOW...

Pyongyang, August 19, 2005 (KCNA) -- Rallies of workers, peasants, women, youth and other people were reportedly held at Kyunghee University in Seoul in the early morning of August 15. The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the south Korean National Federation of Peasants Associations called a meeting under the subject Pro-reunification rally of workers and peasants across south Korea for the withdrawal of the U.S. troops and the national cooperation. A declaration for national reunification was read out at the meeting. The declaration stated that workers and peasants will join efforts to conduct an anti-U.S., anti-war peace movement including the struggle against the U.S. war moves and the expansion of its military base in Phyongthaek

Three fucking times in three days!
Are you getting the feeling that the K.C.N.A is pushing the "U.S military withdrawal = Korean Reunification" equation... a little hard?
I can't imagine how much angst the average North Korean has towards the United States of America.
They are ALL feed shit like this non-stop, obviously.

and for the pullout of the U.S. forces, and jointly struggle against the globalization of neo-liberalism. What's this supposed to mean?

I guess Kim Jong Il feels he is FAR to the Right of George W. Bush.
That, or his foreign reports are 6 years old.

North Korea's Latest Technological Innovation...Fermented Bean Curd!

Pyongyang, August 19, 2005 (KCNA) -- Researchers of the Foodstuff Institute of the Branch Academy of Light Industrial Science under the Academy of Sciences in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have succeeded in making fermented bean curd. It is highly nutritive and delicious. They infect sliced bean curds with bacteria, treat them in some processes and put them into a pot and seal it up to ferment them for 40 days in high temperature. In order to add seasoning to them, they put spices such as garlic, pepper, ginger and black pepper into the pot. The fermented bean curd contains various kinds of vitamins 15 percent more than the ordinary bean curd and 18 kinds of amino acid 8.4 times those of the latter. It, strong in deoxidation, is very efficacious for preventing aging and treating circulation disorders. The longer, the better. It can be well stored for six months even in hot weather and its taste remains unchanged for several days in open-air. The taste of the bean curd varies according to the fermentation conditions and kinds of bacteria. The institute is now introducing the production method of the fermented bean curd among people.

I had no idea the North Koreans had soy bean STORAGE needs...

Well, Good on the... "Researchers of the Foodstuff Institute of the Branch Academy of Light Industrial Science under the Academy of Sciences in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea"(?).

Friday, August 19, 2005

A Good Question.

Sometimes asking the easy question is the only way to get the best answer.
Evil people like Kim know everything. Good leaders like Bush always need to know more.
I think heeding Mr. Hwan's advice would be... Advisable.

Good Luck

You're gonna need it, Mr. Lefkowitz.
I am sure you will find dealing with Human Rights issues in North Korea...
challenging, to say the least.

As part of his job, Lefkowitz will be responsible for expanding U.S.-financed Radio Free Asia broadcasts to the area.

This is an action I consider very important, and extremely underrated in this struggle of Good against evil.

Millions of North Korean citizens are counting on you dude...
I say totally blanket all K.C.N.A radio signals with broadcasts of freedom.

Fuck 'em!

Cool, calm, collected...and right.

So far, the Bush administration has shown it would like to resolve its problems with North Korea and Iran the same way it did with Iraq: through regime change. It is easy to see why. But the strategy is unlikely to work, at least not quickly enough. A much broader approach -- involving talks, sanctions, and the threat of force -- is needed.

Sounds like a prototypical lefty explaining why military force can never work, and should never be used... eh?

Guess again.

Consider North Korea: in February 2005, Pyongyang announced that it had nuclear weapons, and it is now thought to have several of them, or at least the material to build them. Over time, if the United States does nothing, North Korea's arsenal will surely grow, as will the amount of its fissile material. The results of this growth will be destabilizing and potentially disastrous: a sizable North Korean nuclear arsenal might well stimulate similar weapons programs in both Japan and South Korea, diminishing the region's stability. The repercussions could also spread far beyond Northeast Asia if Pyongyang decides to sell its new weapons or nuclear fuel for hard currency -- as it has with drugs and missile technology in the past.
There is two ways of interpreting this information: fear-mongering-propaganda-lies... or simply the truth.
Secondly, in terms of North Korea, North Korea had a weapons program that they had concealed, as you might recall, prior to 2002. As a matter of fact, it was prior to 2000, it was a bilateral, so-called bilateral agreement between North Korea and the United States. And it turns out that they had violated that agreement because they were enriching uranium, contrary to the agreement. And we caught them on that. And therefore, I decided to change the policy to encourage other nations to be involved with convincing North Korea to abandon its weapons program. And that's where we are.
George W. Bush May 31, 2005

A Variant Perspective

A website called Flashbang has a different view of the same darkness...

Notice even the Chinese light is dim in comparison to what shines south of that "strange contrasting barrier"...

A friend of mine once said images such as this are Right-Wing propaganda. Well, is it really beyond our technological capability to produce unbiased views such as this? What more proof do you need that Kim Jong Il must fall?

Here is the same perspective of a different place.

Like the old man said... break 'em when they're young

Pyongyang, August 18, 2005 (KCNA) -- "Let Us Exalt the Brilliance of Comrade Kim Il Sung's Idea on the Youth Movement and the Achievements Made under His Leadership", a famous work of leader Kim Jong Il, was brought out in booklet by a Printing and Publishing House of Indonesia on August 12. The work, published on August 24, Juche 85 (1996), explains that President Kim Il Sung put forward the idea and theory on the youth movement of Juche and successfully settled the youth issue in Korea and clarifies the tasks and ways for steadily developing the youth movement.

I bet it's a real piece of (evil)work, just like the thousands of other works of literature "Great" "Leader" has accomplished in the last few weeks. If one was to take the K.C.N.A at face value, Kim would be considered the most prolific novelist in history.
The same can be said of his golfing abillity.

Let Us NOT Exalt the lies of Comrade Kim Jong Il.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

If only the Yanks were gone...

Pyongyang, August 17, 2005 (KCNA) -- The "Mt. Paektu-Mt. Halla grand march group for national reunification" reportedly held a meeting to vow to get the U.S. forces withdrawn from south Korea in front of the U.S. embassy in Seoul on August 13. Present there were at least 1,000 members of the reunification vanguard representing different walks of life including workers, peasants and women belonging to the grand march group who toured all parts of south Korea from August 2, stirring up the desire for national reunification. Speakers said at the meeting that now is the time for all Koreans to go united in order to get the U.S. forces withdrawn from south Korea and pull down the barrier of division on the Korean Peninsula. An order demanding the U.S. forces' pullout read out at the meeting called for forcing the U.S. forces to pull out of south Korea to remove the constant threat of war from the Korean Peninsula. At the end of the meeting the members of the march group formed a demonstration team and attempted to enter the U.S. embassy in order to thrust the order to it. As the security authorities rushed a police force of 15 companies to the scene to totally seal off the area around the embassy premises, the enraged demonstrators lay down on the road and staged a sit-in strike, chanting slogans "The U.S. forces, Quit south Korea" and "Let's drive Yankees out of south Korea and achieve the reunification of the country".

I like how the K.C.N.A peppers this U.S fear-inducer with ideas of "reunification". How exactly DOES the presence of the U.S military prevent Koreans from unifying? What are these South Koreans mad about? Well, just like Canada... you can get Communists spouting their flawed logic anywhere. In the North Korean world... all of ones problems MUST be blamed on the U.S military, as surely Kim Jong Il can not be the cause of any internal problems. Lets also be clear about what "reunification" means to them... Kim's army marching over the South.
The K.C.N.A talks about "driving the Yanks out of South Korea" almost everyday, but the funny thing is, even without an American military presence, South Korea would still destroy any under-fed force Kim could throw at them. How does a U.S presence affect anyone living in North Korea anyway? It's not like the Marines are storming Yongbyong... yet.
So nukes are developed, and the common Westerner is just supposed to sit back while Kim "nuclearly" black-mails the rest of the world.
If the D.P.R.K REALLY wanted American military forces to leave, an intense "sunshine-policy" could work. This would involve actually letting families that live across the border visit each other. The pathetic part of this solution, is that Kim would be committing political suicide letting his "subjects"travel to a land of freedom. Everyone knows they would never come back.
In my opinion, a North Korean nuclear test will be what actually unifies the Koreas.

Update: Here is today's toned down version. Notice how the K.C.N.A somehow STILL declares a U.S military withdrawal as a necessity to achieving reunification(slipped in right at the end...)

Pyongyang, August 18,2005 (KCNA) -- At least 10,000 members of civic and public organizations including the Reunification Solidarity and the (south) Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a rally at the university street in Seoul on August 15 at which they called for certainly achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the country, south Korean MBC reported. The August 15 liberation of the country 60 years ago has left the wound of tragic division on the Korean nation due to the interference of foreign forces, the ralliers said, calling for national unity to reunify the country. It is time that the south and the north pooled their will to reunify the country in a peaceful way, they stressed. They distributed to citizens copies of literature demanding the peaceful reunification of the country and the withdrawal of the U.S. forces.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Who needs a passport anyway?

As I look at this image of two Korean families visiting each other THROUGH A VIDEO CAMERA, I ask myself... wouldn't it be preferable to just VISIT your family?

I am then quickly reminded as to what Koreans are forced to deal with...

A Filthy "Slate"

It looks like the left has finally found a way to compare Bill Clinton to the President(unfavorably, of course).
This week, after 20 months of doing nothing about North Korea's drive to build nuclear weapons, President Bush finally put a proposal for a set of incentives for disarmament on the negotiating table. The remarkable thing is, the deal is practically identical to the accord that President Clinton signed with Pyongyang in 1994, an accord that Bush condemned and scuttled from the moment he took over the White House.
The remarkable thing is, even Kim Jong Il must be aware of the differences between the foreign policy of both men. Bush has proven he is willing to use military force to deal with a problem that requires military force as a solution. Bill Clinton has proven he refuses to...

It's good that Bush has at last realized that diplomacy is the only way to solve the crisis. But he's come a bit late to this epiphany.

I digress. When did Bush ever "realize" diplomacy is the "only way" to solve a crisis? If Bush takes a hard line against Kim Jong Il, he gets called a war-monger. Yet if diplomacy is used, it is the result of an "epiphany".

Now get ready for a DOOZY of a sentence...

But if he behaves the way he usually behaves—the way any cunningly rational leader in his position would behave—he will up the ante, ask for more, and walk away with a shrug if Bush declines.

Hahahahaha! Ahhwww MAN! How does a person get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and then refer to Kim Jong Il as a "cunningly rational leader"? This statement says a lot about Mr. Kaplan's intelligence, doesn't it?

And he knows that there's not much Bush can do about it.

Fred, there is much George W. Bush can do about it.

In essence, what Kim was really after(and got) in 1994 was this :
a highly conditional set of incentives to give up nuclear weapons program; aid would begin when Kim Jong Il commits to dismantling plutonium and uranium weapons programs; China, Russia, Japan and South Korea would send tens of thousands of tons of heavy fuel oil every months,

Today, what Kim SHOULD be most concerned with is:
while US would offer 'provisional' guarantee not to invade or try to topple Kim's government; Kim would get only three months for preparatory period to seal nuclear sites

Get ready to laugh...
Bush has been criticized by those countries and by Democratic rival John Kerry for not making serious offer to North Koreans; new plan retreats on key point, with Bush now agreeing to allow resumption of oil shipments, though not American oil, before North Korea actually dismantles anything.
Yea, George W. Bush is sitting in the White House right now reading John Kerry policy opinion. Kerry seems to propose the same action as the rest of the left...NOTHING. As Bill Clinton has proven... when dealing with hostility, diplomacy without a credible threat is as useful as the appeasement it is intended to be. Or has history taught us nothing...

"Iron"ic Despair

As a Kim Jong Il propaganda film attempts to glorify an ideologically confused Communist prisoner of the Korean War, something happened that he simply did not anticipate...

Lee received a hero's welcome and, sure enough, Pyongyang made a film on Lee's "heroic struggle for the motherland" in South Korean prisons and made sure all North Koreans saw it. However, the movie caused many North Koreans to become curious about South Korean society. Many North Korean defectors said their first reaction upon seeing the film was to ask how people could stay in prison for more than 10 years and remain alive? They say few people survive even three years in North Korean political prisons. Being fed three regular meals a day is utterly unimaginable.

What will it take to break the evil influence Kim's "government" has on it's subjects? You would think that JUST starvation would motivate people to move towards change.

People living under Kim's tyrannic rule now know that South Korean PRISONERS are better fed than they are. This sad, sick tale only illustrates the desperate situation North Koreans find themselves in.

What's next... a Kim(tm) propaganda film that accidentally gives citizens of North Korea a glimpse of a free press, or a peek into a free society?

Is the media helping the situation? Is Ted Turner?

Perhaps media reports of a possible strike on Kim's nuclear assets has softened his stance, and he really IS willing to end his nuclear weapons program...

Pyongyang, August 16, 2005 (KCNA) -- An appeal to 70 million fellow countrymen was adopted at the August 15 national meeting for independence, peace and reunification on Monday. The history of half a century-long division left us a bitter lesson that unless the north and the south of Korea become one it is impossible to demonstrate the potential might of the fellow countrymen and it is hard to expect the independent development of the nation and the peace of the country, the appeal said. It underscored the need to independently solve the issue of national reunification by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation, its master, as clarified in the June 15 joint declaration, put an end to the danger of a war and military showdown threatening the existence of the 70 million Koreans without fail, achieve durable peace and remove the root cause of nuclear war from this land. It held that the Koreans should put together their mind and wisdom in checking the unreasonable foreign intervention and settling the military conflict and crisis at home and abroad in a peaceful way and solidarize with all the peace-loving forces of the world in order to check military supremacy and militarism. It called for boosting multi-faceted cooperation for the common prosperity of the nation and advancing towards independence, peace and reunification with the June 15 joint committee as a center.

In retrospect, however, I trust Kim about as much as I trust the leftist-media estabishment.
Pyongyang, August 16, 2005 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il Tuesday received Joo Dong Mun, president of the Washington Times Corporation, on a visit to Pyongyang. On the occasion the president offered his congratulations to Kim Jong Il on the 60th anniversary of Korea's liberation. Kim Jong Il welcomed the Pyongyang visit of the president, had a cordial talk with him and posed for a photograph with him.

I guess Ted Turner feels he has to PROVE that FOX news viewers are Nazis.

Pyongyang, August 16, 2005 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il was presented with a gift by Robert Edward Turner, chairman of the Turner Foundation INC. of the United States, on a visit to the DPRK. The gift was handed to an official concerned by the chairman.

SEOUL, Aug. 17, 2005 (Yonhap) -- American media mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner proposed Wednesday that South and North Korea form a team to develop a peace park in the demilitarized zone (DMZ), claiming it will benefit them both politically and economically. "They need to have a commission to study all the complicated matters that will come up when it actually happens. I expect the commission will be established relatively soon," he told a press conference.

Dirty Rotten Hypocricy

Where the CBC drops the ball... Rotten is there to pick it up.
This is what I call rotten hypocracy.

He likes fast cars, gourmet foods, and fine liquors. Suffice it to say, none of these things is produced in North Korea and FedEx doesn't deliver there. As expensive as those luxuries are in the West, they cost even more to procure north of the 38th Parallel. But procure them they must. Evidently, the man loves to throw banquets and has a penchant for fine cognac (his favorite is Hennessy V.S.O.P). Kim's obsession for fine dining comes off sounding kind of selfish when you consider that millions of his countrymen have been killed by lack of food. A series of droughts, coupled with Kim's irrational farming and draconian economic policies, have given no relief to a decade of famine. As a direct result, at least ten percent of the man's population has died. In 1999, South Korean intelligence services million North Koreans succumbed to starvation over the four previous years. This puts him third behind Mao and Josef Stalin for most people starved to death.
And here we learn of Kim's creepy hypocricy.
Kim adores children's cartoons, especially Daffy Duck. (Evidently, the Dear Leader has amassed the world's largest collection of Daffy cartoons.) And he's a giant Michael Jackson fan. He also loves pornography. In addition, according to rumor, Kim also keeps a harem of beautiful women for the purpose of fucking. The dictator is regularly serviced by a nubile "Pleasure Squad," a stable of babes composed primarily of young Asians and Europeans.

What we are dealing with here is Good and evil. Right and left.

I knew writing this blog would be easy because of clueless fucks like Jack Schafer. It starts like this...

"If "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il of North Korea and George W. Bush ever meet, I suspect the two will bond like long-lost brothers. Both men are first-born sons of powerful fathers who partied like adolescents well into their adult lives, after which they submitted to their dynastic fates as heads of state".
How do you realistically compare two men on complete opposite ends of the moral spectrum? You can't, unless it's(your) a joke.
"But slogan-chanting is only one small part of an effective propaganda operation. Successful propagandists must also discourage dissenters who might disrupt the party line. "
George W. Bush lets people like Cindy Sheehan onto his personal property to protest freely. Kim Jong Il tortures, mutilates and murders anyone who dissents.
"And the two best ways to keep people stupid and nodding is by shutting down the information flow and by stiffing the press. At these chores, Bush excels."
Has Jack ever READ the Korean Central News Agency? It is the ONLY news the average North Korean gets. America's free press and the K.C.N.A have absolutely nothing in common.

I should not get too upset, however, over poor people with unfortunate ideologies. For every useless leftist, there's a R.J Rummel...
"as long as China is unwilling to put real pressure on him, such as cutting off his oil supply, it will have no effect on his weapon’s buildup. Of course, those of us on the outside don’t know what the Bush, Rice, and Rumsfeld team are secretly considering, but I guess it would be a surgical strike against Kim’s nuclear weapons installations. Nothing else will do"

There's even a few Liberals who have seen the light(or the lack of it, thereof).

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where IS Kim Jong Il?

This dude YiSunShin has really got his shit together. I really doubt Kim is as busy as the the K.C.N.A would like it's brainwashed subjects to believe. I have always figured the guy hangs out in his palaces with his "elite" bodyguards, most of the time. Wouldn't you? I mean the guy IS in charge of every major department of the D.P.R.K's massive bureaucracy.

Why travel anywhere when you are the only person in the entire country with a nice place to live?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Grossly Apologetic: CBC drops the "big picture" ball(as usual)

You must read this "scathing" 2003 report on the dark D.P.R.K from our government media...

"The state-run media call him a brilliant politician and paint him as a frugal workaholic."
Why would they not say the CITIZENS of his country think this of him. Oh, and also... the CBC IS "state-run" media.
"In 1994 he brokered a deal that saw the U.S., Japan and South Korea pumping billions of dollars in foreign aid into his country in exchange for the cessation of his nuclear program." 1994. That stupid deal sure seems like really fucking bad politics NOW... doesn't it? You can't grant evil a REWARD for being evil, Clinton. At least things are changing for the better.
"Others see him as ruthless and selfish, basking in opulence while his poverty-stricken nation suffers one hardship after another. Natural disasters, compounded by poor governance, have caused a famine in the country that aid workers say has killed more than two million people over the last decade."
Others? OTHERS!!! Were natural disasters compounded by poor governance, or is it the other way around? I think nature was the least of the problems facing the average North Korean...
I wish I could believe the CBC belongs to this "other" group of people...

North Korea's liberation?

Pyongyang, August 15 2005 (KCNA) -- "Kim Jong Il, chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, today sent a message of greetings to Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of national liberation. The message says: I extend warm greetings to you and, through you, to your government and people on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Korea's liberation."

Hmmmm. Funny. I guess Russians, Chinese and North Koreans have the same take on the word "liberate". And what WAS North Korea "liberated" from???

Street lights, in my opinion... as "well" as freedom.

Why must Kim exist?

How much longer must Kim continue to exist, while us in the West continue our privileged life, filled with a freedom the common citizen of North Korea does not even know exists. I remember looking at the Eye's clear perception of the light in Seoul... and the pitiful darkness engulfing the "Democratic" "People's" "Republic" of Korea, and wondering why we, as a society... can not do more to prevent this outrage.

Don't take my word for it.
The Eye can not lie...
see for yourself.