Wednesday, September 28, 2005

9.5 sarcastic months ago... Canada.

"War on Terrorism"--U.S. Aggressive Doctrine Pyongyang

December 15, 2004 (KCNA) -- U.S. President Bush, during his Canada visit some time ago, twaddled? that " the three goals of U.S. diplomacy were building effective multilateral institutions for such security issues as weapons nonproliferation, fighting terrorism and promoting freedom and democracy in the broader Middle East to enhance the security."
Is that an exact quote? Could be...
He also said he hoped to foster a wide international consensus among the three great goals. In this regard, Rodong Sinmun in a signed article Wednesday says: The "war on terrorism" carried on by the U.S. is an offspring of its unilateralism and military strong-arm policy. It is a wanton infringement on democracy and a vicious aggressive doctrine for spreading U.S.-style "democracy" in the international community with strength. Fucken Eh! The infamous "war on terrorism" is what the U.S. invented as a new aggressive doctrine for realizing its wild ambition for world domination by spreading "democracy" of its style with strength through a crafty use of the trend of the international situation that has changed in the new century.

After the "September 11 incident" ????... ! in 2001, the U.S. has exploited the "fight with terrorism" as a lever and a means for spreading its "democracy" in the world in the new century by force. It raised the curtain of the "war on terrorism" by launching the Afghan war under the cloak of "wiping out" the stronghold of Al Qaeda. What it sought was to mislead world opinion with the plausible veil of "anti-terrorism", expand its military and political domination of major areas of resources and strategic vantages and spread "democracy" of its style in the world with strength. Through the Afghan war and war of aggression in Iraq the U.S. could secure these strategic areas on which it had cast greedy eyes for a long time and carry out its military infiltration and expansion of its sphere of influence in Central Asian countries and the Middle East. The U.S .imperialists are the hideous force of aggression and destroyer of human civilization and the worst violator of the human rights in the world wantonly violating the international law and universal ethics and morality of humankind under the cover of "war on terrorism " and seeking to make the world a unipolar world ruled by strong-arm practice and hegemony of the U.S. They are intensifying the "human rights" offensive aimed at the "overthrow of the system" and spread of "democracy" of American style, impudently branding the DPRK as part of the "axis of evil" and a "rogue state". All the countries aspiring after independence should check and shatter their aggressive "war on terrorism", clearly seeing through the criminal and dangerous nature of their maneuvers to spread U.S.-style "democracy" in the world by force.

Now you all know where I get my angry sarcasm from...


Anonymous D E said...

What have you been smoking!!!

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Blogger KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

Freedom. Everyday.

p.s I typed 17 words on this post. What has the K.C.N.A been smoking?

Fake tobacco.

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Word to your 'momma'.

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