Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jealous of a joke...

Pyongyang, October 25, 2005 (KCNA) -- Japan is resorting to all sorts of disgraceful conducts in an effort to take a permanent seat of the UN Security Council. Commenting on this, Minju Joson Tuesday says: A few days ago, a delegate of Japan, speaking at a UN General Assembly session, clamored that the qualification for a permanent seat of the UN Security Council should be appraised by the contribution of a relevant member nation to the international community. Japan is an IMMENSELY "relevant member nation to the international community". Un-fucking-like North Korea. Japan's foolish assertion can never be overlooked as it is an intolerable mockery and insult to the UN so it's business as usual in New York then... and the international community. Japan should know that it is a wild dream like EVERYTHING is for North Koreans for it to make a bid for a permanent seat of the UN Security Council with such a wrong stand. And that "wrong stand" would be what? Exactly? All the countries that want to have such a seat cannot have it. Exception: The countries that have them. If Japan truly wants to make a responsible contribution to the UN, it should sincerely repent of its past crimes and clear off them, before ridiculously shaking a moneybag. Then America can apologize, AGAIN, for unleashing a radioactive mushroom cloud upon Japan. Twice. Then we can all go back to living 60 years in the past. Like North Korea... It should refrain from foolish act of inviting international isolation and shame and do what it should do(?).


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